Thursday, October 02, 2008


Tahiti, for those of you that don't know, is part of the French Polynesian.

It is probably the last place on the world to change to the next day, it is right next to the date line.
It is an old place, that struck me as dirty and in much need of some TLC.

Moorea is one of the islands and is well set up as a honeymoon destination. There is really nothing for families to do on the island unless your children are a lot bigger and are prepared to sit around the pool all day long or are capable of swimming and snorkelling in the sea.
Tahiti is very expensive, there are currently 50FPFrancs to $1NZ or 75FPF to $1US. So if you are ever going to go there then make sure you have a very good package deal set before you get there, will save you a lot of money. We luckily had breakfast and dinner included so only had to find lunch each day.
Our package included 1 night in Papetee, then transfers by ferry to the island. 5 nights on the island at the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa and then the transfers back to Papetee with another night there before our early morning flight home.
Both hotels/resorts that we stayed in were lovely, although the one on Moorea was the better place.

This is our first hotel room, very simple yet so attractive.

The hotel looked out over the water to Moorea in the distance.

What amazed me, was the fact that the weather is so paradise pacific the whole time, then there are no walls on the restaurant or the reception areas in the hotel. The above picture shows you the restaurant looking out over the wonderful lagoon pool and there are no walls.

This shows you the garden area around our room in the resort on the island. Beautiful

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Kent and Leisy said...

it my dream to stay at a resort like that! how fun.