Thursday, October 02, 2008

Grandma in Charge

For us to be able to have the wonderful week long honeymoon that we have just experienced, then we needed help and that came in the form of Grandma, my mum.

She was kindly volunteered by Grandad to look after our rat bags for 8 whole days so we could go away.

We will be forever grateful to her for what she did for us. It just wouldn't have been possible without her.

But it is so funny to listen to her tell us about her week with the boys. You can read what she wrote here.
As I did the vacuuming last night I remember her saying that she was sorry she never got it done whilst we were away because she never had 5 minutes to do it! Man that sounded vaguely familiar.

It is just so funny hearing her say what she could and couldn't get done due to running out of time or never seeming to have 5 mins to herself to achieve that one goal for the day.
Now she did her fulltime mothering over 30 years ago so she knows all about this stuff but still great to realise that it is not in my head and that someone else had trouble achieving the things I don't get done on a daily basis!

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