Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WFMW - Kitchen Organisation Edition

It is that time again when Rocks in My Dryer hosts her Works for Me Wednesday.
She has chosen the first Wednesday of each month to be a themed edition.

This week, as you have read is about kitchens.

What works for me is a small simple tip.

I do not have sponges in the kitchen to wash up and clean with, I use face cloths.
I learnt this tip from my mother.

After watching a programme on bugs, germs and bacteria that float in the kitchen, the worst area for it guessed it, the kitchen sponge.
Because people buy their sponges then they do not change them until the sponge is worn, but they are not cleaning them either, so everything is growing on them.

The joy of the face cloth is that you buy say 10 cloths of one colour, preferrably a colour that doesn't match the bathroom so you know they are kitchen cloths, and then you have the ability to change the cloth everyday.
This then allows you to have a clean cloth around the kitchen everyday, no more bacteria growing on your sponge.
Cleaning the cloth in the washing machine ensures the bacteria are killed and washed away.

No more smelly sponges being used for everything possible and left lying around the sink for days until they are worn.

Works for me......
Pop over to Rocks in My Dryer to find out what works for others today.

Oh yea, also remember it is PINK month, so get out there and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Anonymous said...

I do this to and it works really well! Blessings, Whitney

Mom2fur said...

I think this is a great idea! I use crocheted dishcloths that I made myself and replace them at least once a day. I have a good supply of them, which I keep in one of those wirey chicken things that was originally meant to hold eggs. They look kind of cute in there, LOL!

Gillie said...

I cut up my old t-shirts and use those as rags instead of so many paper towels all the time. They don't look pretty, but they're always handy!

Audra Krell said...

I think pink face clothes might be fun this month in a house of all boys. : )