Monday, October 27, 2008

Love Stories - Part 5

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Steve was very concerned after I fell off the horse, always making sure I was ok, did I need a ride home from work? Was there anything I needed? Did I want to go out to dinner?

6 days after the horse fall I attended a Nursing Conference, Steve surprisingly was there too, so I had my own personal carer, someone to always make me laugh, make sure I was getting around ok, getting my food and drink at the dinner, I had one slight fall whilst at the conference and even though it hurt the only person I wanted at the time was Steve.

As I write this I can not imagine that I didn't see this all happening, I was still so totally oblivious to all this and thought he was just a great friend to have. How can I have been so stupid!

After the conference, yes I agreed to go out to dinner with him. He took me to this lovely restaurant and proceeded to ask me 101 questions all evening. It was an innocent dinner just between friends.

Although a couple of days later he asked me out to the movies, we went to see Blue Streak, a comedy about a thief who turns into a cop to retrieve a diamond that got hiden in the police station whilst he was in prison. Starred Martin Lawrence and Luke Wilson. It was fun and light hearted
Steve did talk to me whilst at the movies about us maybe becoming more than just friends but I said no.
So there we were playing cat and mouse with each other. I was happy being friends, he wanted more. I didn't so he backed off, then he would try again and I would still be there saying 'No, just friends'

Well that was until the Christmas Party 2 weeks later.....

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