Monday, October 13, 2008

Job Update

Last week I got a call from someone at the Hospital I work at saying that she had been given my name and that she was interested in talking to me about a project they currently have about to come out in full force.
So I organised a meeting with her for the next day and then spent the next 24 hours wondering every imaginable thing possible!
I had a pleasant meeting with her for about 40 minutes, talking all about this computer programme they are planning on installing, what she would like the role to be that I would play as Project Coordinator and several other things.
She said she would get back to me later in the week and thanks for coming in to talk to her.

It wasn't a job interview per sa, just a meet with her and talk to her.
She finally called on Friday to say she needed to meet with me again, so I organised a time for today that suited all. I had to find a friend to care for Alex for an hour etc.
Today she texted to say that sadly the meeting will have to wait until next week when my manager is back from leave.
Not happy with that I called to enquire more.
Seems she is very happy to have me come on board, but as a curtesy to my manager we need to wait to discuss the finer points when he is back so he can start covering my shifts, that I will be unable to do.

So I have something else to do now, 3 days a week will suit me fine. It could lead on to some other project work when it finishes in 3-4 months time because the company are currently building a new hospital.
Currently the hospital is split between 2 sites.
You have the Day Hospital with 4 Operating Rooms, where all our cases are little minor ones and you probably stay at the hospital for no more than 4 hours max and you have the Main Hospital about 2ks away across town, this has 6 Operating Rooms and takes on all the big cases, Cardiac, General Surgery, Orthopaedics etc and you can probably stay here for days etc.
So the new hospital will combine both sites in one, so I can see quite a bit of project work ahead as they combine the 2 over the 18 months they are planning.

So something different for a while at least.

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