Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Survival Tips for Working Mums

Found this in a magazine and quite liked some of them. Have even started to implement some of them in my day to day running of the house when I am working.
  1. Get yourself ready first. The 'thrown together look' looks better on the kids than you.
  2. Stick a weekly menu on the refridgerator. It saves stress and last minute shopping.
  3. Cook in bulk over the weekend so you can freeze a few quick weeknight meals.
  4. Organise some reciprocal babysitting with a friend to allow some couple time for you and your partner.
  5. Train your kids to do small tasks that'll save you time, such as tidying up or getting clothes ready.
  6. Get to know the other mums at school or daycare. helping someone out can become a returnable favour.
  7. Pack everyone's bags the night before, including your own, so they're ready to go in the morning.
  8. Have a contingency plan in case the kids are sick on a workday.
  9. If it's within your means, perhaps consider outsourcing the cleaning or ironing or, if not, your older kids can help with some tasks.
  10. Start each day with a big hug. No matter what else happens as the day goes on, at least it begins well.

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ElleMae said...

Couldn't agree more! My tip is to cook tomorrow night's dinner the night before (does that make sense?) and to try to remember that it's not CJ's fault if we're running late... chill out Mama!