Monday, October 06, 2008

New Job

I want a new job.....!

I know back here I wrote about my current work and I have done a little towards finding something new, but whenever I read the Vacancy Bulletin at the hospital there is never anything.
I have sent my CV to some people at the hospital but I have never heard anything back, not that I expected them to just pick up the phone and call saying 'Hey guess what? We have just the job for you...'

At our wedding my brother's boss was talking about looking for an Office Manager for their branch here in Hamilton, he runs an architecture company, apart from the fact the pay would just be so stupid to go backwards for and I think they want someone full time rather than 3 1/2 day a week, I seriously would have been tempted to check it out further.
The swimming school that the boys go to are also looking for people to train as teachers. I talked further with one of the teachers and even brought the application form home, but again, I just can not justify changing my job to a job that will pay me half of what I am currently earning an hour now.

So I have a few other people to send my CV to and I will slowly plod along keeping my eyes wide open in the hope that something new might come my way that would maybe at least get me in the door.

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