Sunday, October 05, 2008

Tahiti - Snorkelling

We booked ourselves on an all day picnic and snorkelling tour on one of the days.
This involved getting picked up from the resort by boat, taken out to a fish feeding area, snorkelling and watching the fish and 5 foot long black fin tip sharks. The water is as clear as you see in the pictures, I have seen swimming pools murkier than this before!
We then got taken to feed some sting rays and finished up spending the afternoon on a quiet island, soaking in the sun, snorkelling some more and having a BBQ. It was a great day out.

Below are oddles of pictures showing you everything we got up too.....

This magnificant ship was moored in one of the bays. You stay on it and travel round all the islands.

Start of the fish as they began getting fed.

Steve being braver than me, and actually getting in the water, which was so warm, to watch the fish.

They secured a rope from the boat, and you stayed on one side of the rope and the fish and sharks were fed on the other side.

Just a small picture of one of the creatures we got to see up close and personal.

Yes, I finally got in the water to watch the amazing view. It is so many years since I had done any snorkelling, it took a while to get your breathing right and to actually enjoy it. But it was like looking through clear glass at them.

Had to put this shot in just to show you the pure colour of the water. You can see how far out from land we were and it was just awesome.

The boat driver and leader of the tour is in the water surrounded by sting ray. Unfortunately I was never brave enough to get in the water with the rays, but Steve said they were all slimey.

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Kent and Leisy said...

I cannot believe all of those amazing pictures!! I had to show my husband how clear the water was! I don't think I've ever seen water that clear before!! and it looks like you guys had such a great time. i think I would have been nervous about getting in the water as well. Kent is a scuba diver and he really wants me to get certified- but it makes me a little bit nervous.