Monday, October 06, 2008

Oh Help

I was just in the study posting about Alex's swimming while I had 2 minutes prior to us going for Ben's lesson.
I thought the boys were again watching Funky Monkeys, but how wrong I was.

Alex was apparently playing with the kitchen scissors..............ok I know as a mother you can now imagine exactly what I am going to say or even show you.
Before I do I can honestly say that I didn't even notice this until he started having a hissy fit in front of me because I took the scissors away from him and then I noticed the problem.

Ok, I can hear you all say, we are all sat down now waiting for this horror story, we are prepared for the worst........ok well here goes

This picture shows you exactly what Alex just got up to, very quietly like all things are when children are being sneaky, playing with the kitchen scissors...

Now am I allowed to sell him??

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