Monday, October 06, 2008


Swimming lessons are going well at the moment.
We spent the weekend at the caravan and the boys always do so well when we return because they have spent so much time swimming over the weekend.

Alex spent the whole weekend with a flutter board swimming back and forth across the pool. So now his kicking has improved and because of that he has achieved everything in his current class to be able to move up to the next one.

So well done to Alex who is now a Turtle 2.

If Ben was not at school, then they would both now be in the same class. A little daunting to think that because I know that Ben is so much a better swimmer than Alex, but I think when they get to be a Turtle 2 then they tend to stall in their progression for a little while. But then having said that we may find that when Ben has his lesson this afternoon we could come away with him moving up a class. You just never know with kids!

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