Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hi 5

During the recent school holidays we got to take the boys to the Hi 5 Circus Show.
Ben has been into Hi 5 since he was very little and each year that they come over to New Zealand, we keep on talking about taking them, but have always felt that they are too young to enjoy it.
We finally decided that it would be ok this year, so all 4 of us shuffled off to see the show.

The boys were not as active as some of the kids there, although Ben was clapping all the time, but never left Steve's side. Alex spent most of the show jumping on my lap. Neither of them was interested in going down the front to be closer, both just perfectly happy to stay standing by the seat.

But afterwards we asked Ben if he enjoyed it and we got a positive answer.
When asked if he would like to go again next year? We got a very quick and simple "Yes"

Guess it was a hit and guess he liked it.
Guess we might see them next year if they come this way....