Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I seem to have lost some weight!!
Not sure where I put it or when I lost it........but having said that I am not going to be putting up a sign asking for it back!

Like most people I am sort of consious of how much I weigh and whether I need to loose any weight.
I am happy with how I am but know that I could always loose a couple of kilos to get me back to my pre baby days, all mums know where I am coming from with this.

What is so surprising about this weight lose is that I haven't actually been doing anything big to warrent it!
I am not worried that there is anything medical going on, I think it is more that I am just being aware of what I am doing and eating.
I read somewhere that when you start to eat your dinner you should aim to eat half of it.
Then stop, take a breath and then plan to eat half of what is left, but at the same time you need to listen to your body. If it is starting to tell you it is full, then stop eating.
So I have been trying this. I have been eating all the same stuff, but just making my portion a little smaller, eating a little slower and actually listening to my body.
I am not determined to finish all my meals now because when my body is telling me it is full I stop.
Same with snacking in the evenings, I stop and think about whether I actually need it and also can I fit it in?
Seems to be working cause the 2 kilos I have lost is not much, but better than having them.

So now I am making a consious effort, being a little more active, thinking about what and when I eat. Just little things that could make a small difference.

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